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We are a leading manufacturer of premium spirulina products and the largest supplier to a wide array of industrial sector. We produce top notch spirulina in terms of both bacteriological and chemical quality.

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What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is known as the king of superfoods owing to its power packed nutritional benefits. Spirulina is algae powder which is the dried form of freshwater bacteria called blue green algae. The super food rightly earned its name as its rich in proteins, antioxidants, vitamin B and a plethora of other nutrients.

When harvested the right way, spirulina is used as a nutritional supplement. It is also said to be high in iron which is great for people who consume plant-based diet as they might miss out on certain nutrients.


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Nutrition From Nature

We believe in nurturing the world with organically derived and safe solutions for all. Our innovative and top-quality food provides the required nourishment to people. We have helped various industry including food and pharmaceutical by offering standard spirulina.

In disguise we have helped health conscious people meet their nutritional requirements and achieve their physical fitness goals. Our company works in producing fine quality spirulina with the help of extensive research team.



Designed by experts, the farm we work is dedicated for the cultivation of spirulina in the best condition. Maintaining the right temperature, nutrient sources for the bacteria and harvesting at the right time has been our constant framework to produce premium supplement. With farm spread over a large area, we have state-of the art manufacturing facilities, we cultivate effective and reliable superfood spirulina.

In today’s fast paced world, people overlook health the most. We do not get enough nutrition from regular diet and this is where nutritious health supplements come into play. Natural health supplements like spirulina fill in for the missed nutrients in our body and promote optimum body function. Our research and development sector focuses on developing quality spirulina supplement that bridges the gap between nutritional deficiency and health.

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Available Forms

Spirulina powder – The nutrient and vitamin rich blue green algae is available in the form of a powder through a series of processes. The eco-friendly source protein source packs essential amino acids and minerals. The powder can be added to juices, shakes, smoothie, mixed fruits, snack bars and more.

Spirulina capsules - The spirulina manufactured from premium quality is also available in the form of capsules. The capsules can be consumed as a dietary supplement to gain the daily sources of proteins and vitamins.


Export to other countries

We specialise in exporting premium quality of spirulina to an extensive range of countries. We supply superfood to various industries including cosmetics, food supplement, aquaculture and more.

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Supporting Research

One tablespoon of spirulina comprises 4g of protein, 1g fat, 2g carbs. It is also rich source of Vitamin B1, Vitamin b2, vitamin b3, copper and iron.

Spirulina is known for its plethora of benefits in helping the body function at optimum condition. It supports in avoiding oxidative damage that can harm the DNA and cells. Oxidative damage functions a driving factor for chronic inflammation leading to cancer and other inflammatory diseases. Spirulina is a potent antioxidant which protects cells from oxidative damage. The blue-green pigment phycocyanin present in spirulina fights free radicals and inhibits the production molecules that signal inflammation.

Spirulina has positive impact on various factors that contribute to heart diseases. For instance, it can reduce the bad cholesterol while enhancing the levels of good cholesterol. In a study of 25 diabetic patients, 2 g of spirulina a day showed to enhance recovery markers. Another study showed that consuming 1 g of spirulina a day reduced triglycerides by 16.3% and bad cholesterol by 10.1%. Likewise spirulina has strong research support for its wide spectrum of benfits.

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