Who We are

Sansur Exports is an experienced and renowned company that manufactures, supplies, and exports top-quality coconut and added-value products to our esteemed clients at a competitive price throughout the marketplace. Our selection of coconut products also includes items made from Products Made From Coconut Kernels, Products based on coconut water, Food Products Made From Coconut Inflorescence, Coconut-Based Convenience Foods, and Coconut Shell Derived Goods.

Our goods have a wide range of uses in numerous industries. Our clients all around the country highly value our merchandise. Since 2021, we have advanced significantly under the direction of Mr Santhosh. By providing our products and services to specific clients, we hope to expand our business. We are a Coimbatore-based company, and the quality of our products has helped us build a sizable customer base.

We are Agriculture Farm

SANSUR we are farming exporting company specialized in raw food items Coconut spirulina and vannamei shrimp.We believe that food is more important for a healthy wellbeing. When we choose food, we must think of our future. But when we hear healthy food, we just avoid it but SANSUR believes that food must give pleasure and nutrition so we brings you vitamins with taste food that gives you pleasure without any lose in its quality and vitamins.


Our Coconut farm in Anakatti is maintained with special care and in healthy surroundings. Coconut is a drink that can quench your thirst and fill you with nutrition and vitamins. Coconut is rich with potassium and it’s the most nutritious beverage offered by nature. SANSUR exports Coconut from our farms.


Spirulina is a famous super food supplement and is a new invention in the market. Can be consumed by humans and animals. Spirulina made our farm is the best quality algae you can find. And we have acres of land for spirulina. And we export best quality spirulina for you. You can find quality food Items from our store.

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Our vision
"To build a healthy future"

Food is a basic need, and food is for pleasure as well as health. Sansur believes nature is the key supplier of nutrition. which provides us with essential nutrition and vitamins.

As farm exporters we aim to be a healthy food supplier and stands for a better future. We work to bring the best quality to our customers. We aim to be the nutritious food ambassador of India.Healthy food doesn't have to be costly or worse. Seeing the future ahead sansur aims to bring a quality food diet for the people. We invest in your health.

Sansur is not just a farm food exporter, we aim to be a successful healthy food representative. Combining new innovations and sustaining nature we can build a healthy food diet. Sansur believes in the quality of our products. Our future is shaped by your healthy wellbeing.


“Quality food to everyone”

Quality is our priority ensuring quality food products has been our mission from the beginning. 10 years in exporting sansur has been on a mission "Provide quality food to everyone".

Based in India we share our natural gifts to the world. We are gifted with essential nutrition for us and to the future. When health is our aim quality assurance is the priority.

Sansur maintain international standard for our exported goods. Farm products maintained and hygienically processed with this in mind.

Our experts have made this mission possible. As a healthy food exporter, we want to build a healthy future for us and to the future generation.

Quality Control

Our products, which include Products Made From Coconut Kernels, Products based on coconut water, Food Products Made From Coconut Inflorescence, Coconut-Based Convenience Foods, and Coconut Shell Derived Goods, are offered at reasonable prices. Before delivering our products to customers, they are subjected to rigorous quality tests. We guarantee a high-quality final product for our clients. We utilize cutting-edge machinery to ensure high-quality goods by industry standards. We guarantee that highly trained professionals employing cutting-edge equipment utilise only high-quality raw materials.


Shipping and Packaging

Our products are proficiently packaged to ensure that consumers receive undamaged goods. Our products are efficiently packaged to preserve superior quality in a safe and sanitary environment. We use premium packaging materials to ensure the safety of our clients' deliveries. In addition, we ensure that our products are delivered to consumers within the required time frame and at a reasonable cost.

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