As a developing country, India has been an active part of the exporting sector. Coconut and coconut products, Fish, and Spirulina exporting have emerged to a great business nowadays majority of buyers are actually outside India. Food exporting has a new phase in the modern era.

Coconut Exporting from India

Southeast Asia is considered to be the major production spot of Coconut. And it's where the cultivation of Coconut originated. And as we see, south Asian countries like India, Indonesia, and the Philippines are the main exporters of Coconut globally. The coconut tree is a useful product; almost all parts of the coconut tree have a market, but eventually, the fruit (Coconut) has more foreign fans. We can use it for household as well as industrial needs.

The South part of India is producing Coconut, and it is the main source of income for those states. Coconut production has helped the county in economic development. Not only production but packing and shipping industries in India also have benefited from coconut production. As the world developed and innovations have increased, the value of coconuts increased shelf life and maintained international standards. Coconut Exporting is supported by farmers, exporters, and a quality product for buyers worldwide.

Vannamei Shrimp Exporting from India

India has a major. Market share in shrimp exports. Shrimp farming is a protein-producing sector that is in the growing phase. In the current pandemic situation, India increased the production and exporting of shrimps and earns pretty much money.

India was a leading supplier of shrimps to foreign countries, especially the United States, reported 14% growth in the shrimp market in recent years. Except for the US, India is also exporting shrimps to China, Japan, Europe, UAE, and Vietnam in large quantities. And in the Indian shrimp exporting and production, 91% share is for vannamei shrimps, which are more nutritious and delicious compared to others. And as other countries reduced their imports, India expects an increase in exporting related to the future global shortages.

Spirulina Exporting from India

Spirulina a superfood supplement traded across the world, and India has been doing good in Spirulina exporting. Almost 132 countries have been importing Spirulina from India. Nigeria is one of the largest buyers of Spirulina from India. Spirulina is a blue green alga

Spirulina Market is Expected to Grow in the upcoming year Spirulina powder Spirulina tablets, and there is a lot of products available in the market. Spirulina powder has created a huge impact on the food industry as a nutritious package available. As the year goes by, the value of Spirulina from India is increasing. During the pandemic (2020- 21), India exported nearly 35.97USD million of Spirulina to global markets and remained at the top of the export market.

India has a successful history in the export market, and the saga continues even in the pandemic situation; food export from India is in the growth phase. The largest share of the market for Coconut, vannamei Shrimps, and Spirulina has been largely produced and exported to global markets...